Metrology, control technology

Tools used in metrology and control technology applications demand maximum accuracy, dimensional stability, and wear resistance.

Applications for NHT high-performance materials

Our solutions are used for density and fill level measurement.
  • Carbide balls (calibration)
  • Valve seats
  • Metrology probes
  • Wear-resistant dead stops
  • Carbide pins for Shore metrology equipment

Pins and balls made from our carbide permit accurate machining and achieve high wear resistance.


Based on its high variable density and high absorption capacity of x-rays and gamma rays, our tungsten heavy-metal is ideally suited for contactless fill level or limit level measurements of liquids and solids in fixed installation tanks.

Tungsten heavy-metal


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Tungsten, tungsten-copper, tungsten heavy alloys, molybdenum, TZM or hard metal: our high-performance materials for your individual requirements.

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