Since its founding, the company has placed a top priority on its innovation capacity. We do so by continuously investing into developing new materials and solutions for countless applications. But first and foremost, we are investing in know-how since NHT’s capacity to innovate is backed by its employees.

New carbide grades

The corrosion-protected EDM grades primarily provide an excellent surface finish, while at the same time providing less post-machining, excellent mold accuracy, and better tool life. The grades GM25EDM and GM30EDM are enhanced by the new grade GM20EDM. This new grade consists of a specialized grain mixture of fine and medium grain. The resulting operational benefits include high edge stability, high wear resistance and long tool life. But this innovation also compels with regard to wear protection due to its hardness, while at the same time exhibiting high ductility.

New innovation fields

We constantly take on new innovation fields, such as adaptive manufacturing of WSM with iron and copper alloys, along with adaptive manufacturing of carbides for robotics, aerospace, or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) applications. But defense, aerospace, and sustainable recycling and upcycling are equally future-oriented topics that drive us to tackle new and exciting challenges – all of which are led by the current developments for E-mobility and the objective of CO2-neutral and climate-neutral manufacturing methods.

New challenges

Our customers and their changing specific needs are what drives us in our day-to-day work. We are motivated to blaze new paths and to develop and implement solutions for a wide range of tasks together with you as our customer.


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