Balancing systems

The rotational speeds of lead screws and shafts are steadily increasing, while the requirements for increasingly improved operational smoothness are also increasing.
The high density and good resilience of our WSM alloys are ideally suited to continuously improve your products and services. Balancing elements and counterweights made of NHT-WSM increase the mass forces of a wide range of precision equipment, primarily when the application only has limited available space. They are for example used by the clock-making industry as flyweights for complex automated clockworks, by the optical industry to balance microscopes and other precision instruments, and as a lead substitute for exercise equipment. For ground construction as mass elements and vibration hammers/densifiers, and also as counterweights in the oil and glass industry. The automotive industry uses our WSM round rods to manufacture low-vibration deep drilling tools as drilling rods. Due to its high E modulus and good mechanical properties, it is the vibration-damping material of choice for high-speed lead screws. In order to give you the shortest possible leadtimes, we will gladly keep an inventory of WSM round rods in various diameters and lengths in stock to meet your needs for short-notice spot orders.

Due to its high density, our tungsten heavy-metal is ideally suited to absorb x-rays and gamma rays, while also providing outstanding mechanical resilience.

Tungsten heavy-metal


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Tungsten, tungsten-copper, tungsten heavy alloys, molybdenum, TZM or hard metal: our high-performance materials for your individual requirements.

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