What drives us
and what defines our values

Passion and drive:

We love materials, the vocational trades, and designing components. We fill this passion with life as a family-owned business, and it is therefore the engine that drives us every new day to give our customers the best possible solutions.


We are a dynamic team that enjoys thinking outside of the box and is committed to new ideas. We are responsive to customer needs, and our flat management hierarchy ensures fast implementations.


We make our decisions at all times with an eye toward sustainable business practices.

Team spirit:

Every successful company is backed by a good team. Only satisfied and motivated employees can perform for the company, its customers, and its partners.

Customer proximity:

We fill our values with life and cultivate direct contact to our customers and business partners in order to understand and meet their requirements and objectives. We aim to understand our customers and to find the best-possible solutions for them.


We have business and ecological acumen. We accept responsibility with new jobs for workers, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, ideology, sexual identity, gender, age, or handicap. We dedicate our efforts toward social projects and facilities even outside our own structure.


Our employees are at the center of the business. We create a motivating work environment by fostering and tightly integrating our employees into decision-making processes, and by allowing room for development.

Quality assurance:

We are committed to excellent quality. We achieve this result based on uncompromising quality awareness that is backed by all employees. Our commitment and dedication to continuously improve our services, structures, and processes secure our competitiveness and customer satisfaction for the long-term. We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Mistake culture:

We live a positive mistake culture. Our employees have the right to make mistakes, to learn from them, and to share their experience with others. Only then can every individual employee and therefore the company as a whole continue to grow and to tackle global as well as domestic challenges.

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Negele Hartmetall-Technik

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