Blending ı Compacting ı Forming ı Sintering ı Precision Parts

Our materials are metals based on tungsten and tungsten carbide produced by powder metallurgy methods.

The metal powders of the individual components are carefully blended in exact stoichiometric ratios (blend and grind process) and compacted in dies under high pressure.

The compacted forms, known as green bodies, can now be sintered. If the form or dimensions need to be changed, this can only be done on the green bodies before sintering. Sintering shrinkage of up to 25 % by volume needs to be taken into account with respect to both dimensions and forming.

At a high temperature and under high pressure, the green bodies acquire their final outstanding material properties in the HIP sintering unit, e.g hardness, bending strength, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, etc.

If precision parts are required, they are produced exclusively by means of grinding on diamond grinding wheels, wire-cutting and electrical discharge machining.
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