Heavy alloy

Tungsten heavy alloy has a tungsten content of between 85 and 98.5 % by weight. The rest is either a soft-magnetic *¹ nickel/iron or non-magnetic *² nickel/copper additive. Tungsten heavy alloys are characterized by high densities of 17 to 18.5 g/cm³ as well as high strength and ductility.

Tungsten heavy alloy has a good machinability compared to chemically pure tungsten. The material can lathed, milled and drilled using tungsten-carbide tools in the K10 range - threading is also possible. Consequently, even complicated components can be produced on the basis of customer drawings.
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The most important properties of heavy alloy
  • High variable density
  • High elastic modulus
  • High absorbency
  • Good machinability
Available forms
  • Rods
  • Plates
  • Blocks
  • Formed parts based on drawings
  • Boring bars, lathe toolholders, grinding wheel shafts
  • Shielding elements, collimators for radiation protection
  • Balance weights for crankshafts
  • Balance weights for generators and turbines
  • Anvils and electrodes for hot heading
  • Vibration hammers
  • Watchmaking
  • Golf clubs (putters)
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