Special forms and tools made of tungsten-carbide

NHT began by selling and manufacturing special tools made of tungsten-carbide – a fact still reflected in the company's name up to today. Tungsten-carbide is made in a powder metallurgy process. The main components are carbides (usually tungsten carbide) and binders (usually cobalt). Nickel is also used but more rarely. Being so extraordinarily versatile has made tungsten-carbide a firm favorite in...
  • Soldering pads for single-edge and multi-cutting edge tools for machining metals, wood and wood products, graphite, plastics - inserts and support plates for toolholders.
  • Full tungsten-carbide tools for drilling, turning, milling, counterboring, parting off, etc.
  • Round, rectangular, square or trapezium-shaped tungsten-carbide rods as well as customized versions for the manufacture of special tools
  • Sandblasting nozzles in standard and Venturi versions
  • Blast nozzles for the spraying and fine spraying of powders and liquids
  • Parts for press tools and impact extrusion tools for ceramics, fireproof materials and cement tiles
  • Dies and punches for pressing metal powders
  • Revolving blades for paper and printed circuit boards
  • Shear blades for plastics and tinplate
  • Mechanical seals
  • Valve stems and valve seats
  • Wire and rod guide bushings
  • Grinding balls
  • Parts made of corrosion-resistant alloys for use in the fields of surgery, chemicals and agriculture as well as in the food and oil industries.
  • Flattening, guide and twisting rollers
  • Round or formed drawplates with raw sintered drill hole from a diameter of 0.10 mm
  • Mandrels
  • Cores for cold heading dies
  • Plates for wire cutters
  • Dies for nuts and trimming dies
  • Dies and punches for deep-drawing and impact extrusion of non-ferrous alloys
  • Parts for punching tools
  • Dies and punches for munitions machines
  • Used for hole bits and all kinds of mining tools
  • Plates for parting off and turning granite, marble, alabaster and tuff
  • Plates for manual and power chisels and facing hammers
  • Plates for porphyry splitters
  • Chisels for asphalt milling
  • Glass- and tile-cutter wheels
  • Special parts for equipment for crushing stones and minerals
Close monitoring of the alloys together with constant development of new production and testing methods ensure the outstanding chemical and mechanical properties of our tungsten-carbide.

The major properties of tungsten-carbide
  • Extreme wear-resistance
  • Extremely hard
  • High bending strength
  • High elastic modulus and stiffness
  • High compressive strength, good toughness (depending on type)
  • Good corrosion-resistance
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Better thermal stability than steel materials
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NHT tungsten-carbides in any form – raw forms or tungsten-carbide parts ready for use such as:
Guide and drill bushings, rings and circular blanks, nozzles and valve parts, parts for measuring and testing equipment, dies for ceramics and porcelain manufacturing, cutting inserts and molds according to DIN, company standard and based on customer drawings, drawing and deep-drawing tools, dies and inserts for powder and ceramic presses as well as for the manufacture of nuts and bolts.
Tungsten-carbides are an ideal construction material for
  • Inserts, cutting bushings and punches for punching tools
  • Molds, punches and dies for pressing metal powder and ceramic masses
  • Bearing rings, valve parts, blasting nozzles for powder and liquids
  • All kinds of machine tools
  • Blades for paper, plastics, sheet metal and printed circuit boards
  • Wear parts designed to meet the most exacting requirements in machinery and tool construction (fastening by means of soldering, gluing, screwing, clamping, shrinking and binding)
Available forms (see stock list)
  • Profile rods
  • Tubes
  • Plates for wire-cutting
  • Formed parts according to DIN-ISO
  • Formed parts according to specifications/drawings with short delivery time
Multi-purpose varieties of tungsten-carbides
We supply all types of carbides perfectly adapted to your needs - from proven standard varieties through to universally deployable multi-purpose varieties and special varieties. The various properties of the individual varieties are achieved by varying the proportions of the components in the mixture, by selecting and combining the tungsten carbide grain form and grain size and by means of perfectly coordinated process control. NHT has varieties in the ideal quality for every requirement.

NHT fine grained varieties
Our fine grained GM05F, GM10F, GM15F and GM25F have played a leading role in meeting the ever more exacting demands our customers are placing on our carbides.

Our materials offer the following benefits compared to standard materials:
  • Very good toughness characteristics thanks to high bending strength – up to 3900 N/mm
  • Top levels of wear resistance thanks to a high hardness value – up to HV1830
  • High edge stability thanks to fine, dense and homogenous microstructure, therefore particularly well suited for punching and cutting tools
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