Concentrated know-how for strong high-performance products

Negele Hartmetall-Technik supplies tungsten-carbide, tungsten alloys and molybdenum with individual properties to meet the most exacting demands – off-the-shelf or based on drawings. Let us advise you which material specification is the right one for your requirements.
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Blanks and semi-finished products off-the-shelf
We will supply you with blanks and semi-finished products from our extensive, well-stocked warehouse: round rods, rectangular rods, bushings, rings, plates, square rods, formed parts according to DIN ISO. Over 20,000 different parts, over 200 different profile dimensions. We usually deliver from stock within 24 hours. You will find further information in our stock list.

From blank to large-scale production
On the one hand, we offer blanks from our extensive stocks as well as customized parts made of tungsten-carbide, tungsten–coppern, heavy alloy, tungsten and molybdenum.
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And we also manufacture semi-finished products based on customer drawings in any quantity from a one-off order to a large-scale series. These can be made of tungsten-carbide, tungsten–copper, heavy alloy, tungsten or molybdenum.