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NHT products for the most exacting requirements

Negele Hartmetall-Technik GmbH (NHT) is a medium-sized enterprise dedicated since 1980 to sintering and the production of precision formed parts on a powder metallurgy basis. In accordance with DIN ISO, we sinter blanks in the form of round rods, rectangular rods, bushings, rings, plates and formed parts made of the high performance materials tungsten-carbide, tungsten–copper, heavy alloy, tungsten and molybdenum. But that is just one side of our comprehensive range of services.

NHT also offers contract manufacturing of customized parts and produces semi-finished products or complete components according to customer specifications in any quantity - from one-off production to large series. And we do so quickly, reliably and in top quality.

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Quality ı Service ı Customer Proximity

We settle for no less than the best quality. We are never satisfied with conventional solutions. Our heavy investment in development has brought forth a whole range of leading products. We dedicated our efforts to fine-grain hard metal technologyat an early stage in our history. Today, we have extensive experience in the relevant process engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance. The other powder metallurgy products from our range also represent top achievements.

Our quality assurance is certified according to DIN-ISO 9001 and guarantees constantly high product quality. Whether delivered directly to you or processed at NHT, all our blanks are subjected to careful material inspection. Each batch is analyzed in the laboratory. This also ensures extremely high and constant quality when re-ordering. Our modern and flexible production reliably ensures the high quality standards set by our development department as well as extremely short delivery times.

Make the most of our service:
  • Extremely short delivery times: same-day delivery for orders from our extensive range of off-the-shelf products
  • Highest standards of quality and reliability that extend to the manufacture of individual formed parts and customized forms

Our customers include the most demanding manufacturers for precision tools. These customs have played no small part in the high quality standard we have created together on the basis of a great many suggestions and years of fruitful collaboration.
We guarantee constantly high quality and we will do everything in our power to be the right partner for your needs when it comes to top-class metallurgical products.
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